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Trump Lashes Out in Telemundo Interview: ‘Bernie Looks Crazy’ and Biden Looks ‘Just Exhausted’

In a preview of his upcoming interview with Telemundo, President Donald Trump ripped into Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders when asked who he would prefer as an opponent in 2020.

Trump spoke to Jose Diaz-Balart for the first Spanish-language network interview of his presidency, and he was asked if he’d prefer to run against the former vice-president or the Vermont senator, both of whom continue to lead in Democratic primary polls.

“Bernie looks like he’s had it. Bernie looks crazy, but he always did. But he looks like a tired crazy right now,” Trump said. “Joe Biden, he looks like he’s just exhausted. I don’t know what happened to him but he is exhausted and he doesn’t do any work, he’s not working.”

“One thing I found out about this job, to do it right, and I’ve done it right — you have to work hard,” Trump continued.

Watch above, via NBC.

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