White House Reporter Confronts Trump Over El Paso Massacre: ‘You and the Shooter Used the Same Language’

During a White House lawn press spray on his way to visit the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, President Donald Trump fielded questions regarding background checks, China, and whether or not he “blames” Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for the Dayton shooting because the assailant had reportedly supported both progressive candidates (he doesn’t.)

But it was a question by an intrepid — and thus far unidentified — White House reporter that caught the attention behind this post by asking a question that is surely on the minds of many Americans concerned about recent and very dark trends.

“You and the shooter in el Paso used the same language,” the brave reporter noted, adding “do you regret that?”

Trump ignored the question as best he could by pivoting to the broader topic of “illegal immigration.”

“You are talking about illegal immigration, yes? I think illegal immigration is a terrible thing for this country,” Trump replied, completely ignoring the similar rhetoric between what he has said repeatedly at rallies and that left in the manifesto by the El Paso assailant that left 22 dead at an area Wal-Mart.

The manifesto detailed how the assailant was gravely concerned about an “invasion” of illegal immigrants at the Southern U.S. border, which is a word that Trump defiantly — and repeatedly — has said during his rallies.

While many have noted the dangerous trend of White Supremacist language and how Trump’s otherizing rhetoric seems responsible for the climate that led to the El Paso shooting, no one has yet had the temerity to ask the President about what seems a rather direct correlation.

So hats off to you unnamed reporter.

Watch above via Fox News.

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