Aaron Sorkin At Golden Globes: “Elite Is Not A Bad Word, It’s An Aspirational One”

Last night’s Golden Globes telecast was largely devoid of politics and instead the target seemed to be Hollywood itself, thanks to the tone set by a fearless, go-for-broke hosting job by Ricky Gervais. However, Aaron Sorkin, screenwriter of The Social Network and The American President and creator of television’s The West Wing, did manage to slip in a veiled political reference.

In his acceptance speech for Best Screenplay, Sorkin thanked Scott Rudin and David Fincher, producer and director, respectively, of the “Facebook movie” and even complimented Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, despite suggestions in the past that Zuckerberg was not pleased with the film. Then out of nowhere Sorkin offered up this piece of wisdom:

“And I want to thank all the female nominees tonight for helping demonstrate to my young daughter that elite is not a bad word, it’s an aspirational one. Honey, look around, smart girls have more fun, and you’re one of them.”

The term “liberal elite” is often used derisively by conservatives to describe the affluent in New York and Los Angeles and to claim that the “elites” are out of touch with supposed “real Americans” in the heart of the country. Sorkin’s attempt to wear the title of “elite” proudly shouldn’t be objectionable, however, implying that the girls in his “elite” class are smarter and “more fun” may raise some eyebrows.

Watch the clip from NBC below:

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