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‘Absolutely Ridiculous’: UCLA Doctor Tells CNN There’s No Way Health Workers Can Use Bandanas as Face Masks

UCLA Health Emergency Medical Physician Dr. Lisa Dabby on CNN ripped a new guideline from the CDC that recommended medical professionals use, as a last resort, a scarf or bandana instead of a face mask when dealing with coronavirus patients.

“The number of cases continues to rise every day,” said Jake Tapper on Thursday. “How long do you think it will be until hospitals are overrun? You just can’t handle the influx?”

The health expert then gave a warning that in the coming weeks, the case count of the coronavirus will rise and overfilled hospitals will only get worse.

“Jake, that’s a tough question to answer. We have definitely seen an increase in patients coming in. This week is definitely worse than last week. It is here,” warned the doctor.

Dabby continued, “I anticipate in the next one-to-two weeks, we will see large volumes of very sick people.”

Tapper asked Dabby if we could see hospitals in the United States chose who lives and who dies in dispatching medical care to a large number of patients.

“In Italy, it was reported because of the lack of ventilators; doctors ultimately had to choose who would get one, potentially deciding between patients as to who lives and who dies,” Tapper said. “Do you think that could potentially happen here in the United States?”

Dabby responded, “I really hope not, Jake. You know, ventilators do keep people alive. They breathe for them when they can’t breathe.

“You know, the whole goal of social distancing is to slow down the speed of transmission, so that we don’t get overwhelmed so that we don’t have thousands of people coming in at the same time using ventilators,” the UCLA physician continued. “We don’t have thousands of ventilators. It’s not going to work. I personally don’t want to be in a position where we have to let somebody die. That not what we do in the United States of America,”

Tapper then moved to ask about the CDC guideline and the shortage of personal protective equipment in hospitals.

“So the CDC changed some of your guidelines, I think they did this ultimately as a way of acknowledging the dire conditions that hospitals may soon find themselves in. People like you, they recommend that health care workers as a last resort might think about re-using masks or even using a scarf or bandana.”

“What do you think of that?” asked the CNN anchor.

Dabby blasted the CDC recommendation as “absolutely ridiculous.”

“I can’t imagine putting on a bandana to go take care of a patient with a highly infectious disease that could kill me. I will not do that. We need our healthcare doctors, providers, techs, therapists, everybody healthy and strong to fight this virus. We will not let our healthcare workers get sick.”

“If they get sick, nobody will be left standing,” Dabby added.

“So the priority right now should be to increase the production of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers,” she said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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