Al Sharpton Reacts to Bloomberg Apologizing for Stop and Frisk: It’ll ‘Take More Than One Speech’ to Earn Forgiveness


Civil rights activist and MSNBC host Al Sharpton said Michael Bloomberg still has a ways to go before he can expect absolution for “stop and frisk” police practice.

As Bloomberg continues to consider a late entrance into the 2020 presidential race, the former New York City mayor spoke at a Brooklyn church on Sunday and apologized for his years of defending controversial stop and frisk policies. As Sharpton reacted to the news on TV, he described a phone conversation he said he had with Bloomberg after his speech today.

“He called me right after the statement,” Sharpton said. “My position is, clearly, it’s going to take more than one speech for people to forgive and forget. He’s right. He’s gonna to earn it, but I think that we at the same time have to hear him out if he runs, just like we’re hearing out Joe Biden, who authored the crime bill that incarcerated a lot of blacks disproportionately, and Bernie Sanders, who voted for it.”

When asked to further elaborate on the call, Sharpton said he told Bloomberg that it was good he came around on the issue. In terms of whether Bloomberg offered any “humility” in the conversation, Sharpton said that “Michael Bloomberg, in my dealing with him as 12 years as mayor, has never been one that expressed self-doubt or questioned himself. I’ve never seen him ever do that.”

“I’ve not seen any politician, including some running now, actually apologize for what they did,” Sharpton continued. “Whether we accept the apology or not, it does raise the bar on how people deal with some of their past positions that were proven to be inaccurate.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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