‘Back Off You Creep’: CNN’s New Trump Surrogate Ed Martin Had A Tough Night


Ed Martin is the latest contributor at CNN to provide full-throated support for the embattled presidency of Donald Trump. He’s made a number of appearances over the past few days and weeks, but last night he seemed to settle in as the latest to play the very important role of  “Trump Surrogate” on AC360, hosted by Anderson Cooper.

It’s an important role because as much as CNN panels seem to delight in criticizing President Trump, a successful debate and discussion needs an opposing point of view.  And ever since the networks parting of ways with Jeffrey Lord over an eerily prescient “Sieg Heil” tweet — CNN has needed a good conservative replacement that favors the Trump administration.

Mr. Martin is a conservative politician who hails from Missouri, who first earned national attention in 2010 when he suggested that then President Barrack Obama  was “trying to interfere with America’s freedom to worship.”

He sat on the CNN studio desk last night alongside CNN stalwarts Ana Navaro, Paul Begala, and Apryl  Ryan, each of whom felt at one point or another last night to chide Mr. Martin in a manner that suggests that he’s not the most popular guy in the green room before or after the show.

The montage above show four uniquely harsh moments between Martin and his fellow panelists as they discussed immigration reform/America First, race relations in the United States, and the deaths of two state troopers monitoring the deadly White Supremacist protest in Charlottesville.

These exchanges seemed especially bitter, even for a program that occasionally deals with discussions that turn into debates that turn into emotional fights. Safe to say that he was not received very warmly, as Mediaite readers may already know from this exchange.

Jeffrey Lord drew lots of attention from critics who couldn’t understand his occasionally stubbornly daft takes. But he was always brought the amiable approach of a lovable loser.

Ed Martin is not the lovable loser, but he is no less important for the making of cable news television magic

Watch the clips above, courtesy of CNN.



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