Bret Baier Points Out That Trump ‘Opened This Door’ of Politicizing Fallen Soldiers


There is a reason why Fox News anchor Bret Baier is held in such high esteem. Though he has occasionally been criticized for amplifying talking points that benefit a conservative agenda (and his reporting record is not perfect) he, for the most part, calls it like he sees it as any true newsman should.

The most recent example was on view today as he provided guest analysts on America’s Newsroom and provided insight into the current distraction-cum-controversy surrounding the overt politicization of President Donald Trump‘s false claim of being the only president to call grieving Gold Star families, and the media’s not unreasonable obsession with reporting on the veracity of what the Commander-in-Chief said during Monday’s joint press conference with Senator Mitch McConnell.

When asked by host Sandra Smith to opine on this dust-up amid allegations of overly politicizing this story, Baier gave a frank and sober assessment, saying:

Yeah, there are some people in the town that blame the media for jumping and focusing on it but we go back to the original statement. The president was asked about Niger and the four soldiers and why we haven’t heard what happened. We still haven’t heard exactly what happened in that operation. We hope to have more tonight on special report. But the four soldiers who died, and then he turned it to previous presidents and whether they called or didn’t call or reached out or didn’t reach out. That was his answer and what started this whole cascade. The democratic congresswoman said what she said and she has kept on doing that. Congresswoman Wilson about this phone call and it has been painful, this back and forth.

It has been painful I’ve talked to a number of families who are now reliving that experience who have lost loved ones in the past couple of years now there are media organizations going after and seeing confirming who the president talked to and didn’t talk to. My point last night on the show was no matter where you come down, we should focus on the deaths of the soldiers and the people who served and not this process. But it is — the president opened this door we should point out.

Baier’s candid assessment of how this story started stands in stark contrast to the three hours of programming that preceded it on Fox & Friends, who seemed entirely focused on proclaiming that Rep. Frederica Wilson and the “mainstream media” were complicit in overtly politicizing this awful story, mostly ignoring the fact that Trump what has brought this story — which has been pretty damaging to the White House –completely upon himself.

Watch the clip above courtesy of Fox News.

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