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Brzezinski Hits Back at Trump’s ‘Psycho’ Insult: I’m ‘Disgusted When Pathetic Politicians Don’t Stand Up to Your Racism’

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski returned fire on Tuesday after President Donald Trump went on a tear against her and Morning Joe, accusing the show of declining ratings.

Brzezinski, who hosted Morning Joe without co-host Joe Scarborough on Tuesday morning, had condemned Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) for his tepid comment on the feud between Trump and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-NY). She later faced tweets from the president, who called her a “psycho” and claimed her show “lost all of its juice.”

“Donald, you really ought to find something else to do in the morning,” Brzezinski replied live on Morning Joe, after a theatrical sigh. “Its just not healthy.”

“Don’t worry, Donald, I’m not angry,” Brzezinski continued. “I’m sad and disgusted when pathetic politicians don’t stand up to your racism. They are too afraid to. That is sad and that is unbelievably pathetic to watch and it is really bad for our country. So just make sure that you understand the emotion you’re seeing here.”

Brzezinski went on by bringing the topic back to Meadows, and how “he is too busy sucking up to you than being the friend that Elijah Cummings was to him when he was called a racist during a hearing – about you by the way.”

“Mark Meadows cannot return that favor to Elijah Cummings because he is too busy being afraid of you? That is sad and that is pathetic. So that is what you’re seeing here, Donald, as you’re tweeting away with your little thumbs. So again, unlike Mark Meadows, just for the record, we’re not afraid of you.”

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