Chris Cuomo Clashes With GOP Rep. Over Ukraine: Think About It With ‘Simple Logic’


CNN’s Chris Cuomo clashed with Congressman Randy Weber (R- TX) over Ukraine on Monday night as the impeachment inquiry continues with Judiciary Committee hearings this week.

Cuomo brought up reporting tonight from Jake Tapper that says “the Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee looked into allegations that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election and found no evidence to support the claims, according to sources familiar with the matter.”

Cuomo clashed with Weber over the president’s actions towards Ukraine and said Republicans who are supposed to be conducting oversight are acting like “defense counsel” instead.

Weber said, “Russia interfered in the election, they tried to. Secretary Jeh Johnson said there was no votes changed. Russia interfered in the election.”

“I never said anything about votes. They hacked the DNC server,” Cuomo said. “Nobody has ever suggested as a matter of fact that Ukraine had anything to do with that. The only person who has suggested it, in the ugliest of ironies, is Vladimir Putin. He made up a story about Ukraine wanting to go after Trump and now members of your own party are parroting it!”

They got into it over Crowdstrike, with Cuomo saying at one point of the theory being pushed, “Tom Bossert said that that was a joke. You heard testimony from experts saying it’s a joke. The intel community says it’s not true. Mueller said it’s not true. Burr said it’s not true.”

At one point Weber asked, “True or false that the president believed that there was corruption in the Ukraine government before President Zelensky?”

“I don’t know. He gave them funds both times. He never mentioned corruption until Biden decided to run,” Cuomo said. “Where’s the evidence that he cared about corruption?”

“President Zelensky, the new kid on the block, said that he’s going to clean up the corruption. President Trump wants to make sure that he’s serious about it after years of being put off by the former administration in Ukraine. So of course he doesn’t trust them. Of course he wants them looked into,” Weber responded.

“I have no problem with the president running foreign policy but just simple logic, like 9-year-old logic,” Cuomo said. “You don’t care about corruption or bring it up when the place is corrupt. Now a change agent comes in and now you don’t trust him and ask him to investigate corruption, and the only corruption you ask for to be investigated are two items that help you politically. Congressman, isn’t that a little convenient?”

“It’s not the president’s fault that the Bidens got caught up in an apparent pay-to-play scheme,” Weber argued.

Cuomo said Trump could’ve pushed for an investigation “the right way” and didn’t.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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