Chris Ruddy Tells Brian Stelter ‘Show Me the Evidence’ in Clash Over Trump Russia Probe


Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy got a bit heated with CNN’s Brian Stelter this morning when he asked Stelter to show him any evidence of collusion so far.

They first talked about Trump’s poll numbers––Stelter called out Trump for lying about the polls––before Ruddy insisted that “this whole case has been based on a fake, false, phony allegation of a crime.”

Stelter shot back that the Trump Tower meeting, the Papadopoulos information, and Carter Page‘s Russian interactions were not “fake.”

Ruddy said “the Trump Tower meeting was not a crime” or collusion, “You at CNN and CNN and all the other networks have been covering this for 18 months. Give me one piece of evidence of collusion or a crime involving the President or his associates involving their campaign.”

Stelter said he’s painting with too broad a brush and told Ruddy there’s “very real fears” about Russia going on.

Ruddy charged that there’s a “circular illogic” going on––”You create the false allegation, the President says, ‘Hey, wait a minute, you guys are after me, this is a political witch hunt,’ and then you turn and say, ‘Oh, he must be obstructing justice.'”

Stelter told him there’s evidence of a “willingness to collude,” and Ruddy again said, “Show me the evidence.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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