Chuck Todd Goes Off on Facebook: Too Many Americans ‘Seeking Out Misinformation’ on Untrustworthy Platform


MSNBC’s Chuck Todd railed against Facebook on Friday, complaining that a large number of Americans now use it as their primary news source despite the fact that it’s not a “trustworthy platform.”

After being asked by Hallie Jackson how to “uncondition” a chunk of President Donald Trump’s base who supposedly no longer believe in democracy, Todd replied, “This is a question I think is facing all of us that do this for a living.”

“We now have a chunk of the electorate that is saying, ‘No, no, no, no. Don’t tell me your facts. I don’t like your facts,’ and even when they hear the facts from a on-again-off-again news organization that does actually publish a fact, they will run away from it,” he claimed. “And they’re seeking out misinformation.”

“We’re in a whole new world, and you know, you asked me how to undo it? I buy into the theory that the death of the local newspaper is basically… was the beginning of this that shoved everybody to Facebook,” Todd continued. “And there’s just way too many people that use Facebook as their — and cable news — as their information… as their information vehicles, and certainly Facebook is certainly not a trustworthy platform.”

He concluded, “I’m sorry, I’m yet to have anybody prove to me that Facebook can be a trustworthy platform for information right now.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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