CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Mixes It Up With Trump Supporter: ‘May I Speak? It’s My Show’


CNN’s Brooke Baldwin made it pretty clear she wasn’t really having it this afternoon when one of her guests kept hammering away with her well-worn talking points, interrupting her guest at one point to let her know whose program it was.

Attempting to have a discussion on Senate Republicans putting together an all-male group to work on their health care bill, Baldwin soon became frustrated when former Apprentice contestant and Donald Trump supporter Erin Elmore instead wanted to talk about how bad Obamacare was.

“Hang on, hang on,” Baldwin exclaimed. “You can give me statistics on Obamacare if you want but to me, this is just about women having a voice when it comes to health care in this country.”

While the CNN anchor attempted to veer the conversation back to the GOP panel having no women on it, Elmore insisted on going back to talking about how “Obamacare is imploding,” causing Baldwin to call her out for “totally changing the topic.”

“We are not talking about Obamacare? I thought we were,” Elmore responded. She then added that all 13 male senators on the panel were elected by women and are speaking on behalf of them on women’s health care issues.

With Elmore continuing to go on, Baldwin attempted to jump in, with her guest continuing to speak unabated.

“May I speak? It’s my show,” Baldwin finally stated in an effort to get Elmore to stop talking.

Eventually, the discussion switched to another topic — late-night host Jimmy Kimmel’s hitting back at critics over his health care comments as it relates to his infant son. Elmore’s description of the comedian sounded as if it could have come right out of the mouth of the president (and ex-Apprentice host.)

“He’s a limousine liberal, two-time college dropout that’s losing in the ratings, so I don’t really think he has any credibility,” she said.

Elmore has made something of an impression on cable news of late. Last month, she claimed that the liberal media was bullying and torturing Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

Watch the whole exchange above, via CNN.

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