CNN’s Kaitlan Collins: White House Staffers Are ‘Looking For Jobs’ While Trump Is ‘Watching Television and Complaining’


CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins reported that White House staffers are “looking for jobs” and trying to calm down President Donald Trump, who is “watching television and complaining” about a lack of public support for his allegations of voter fraud.

“The president is being described as angry and frustrated, often doing two things that he’s done throughout his presidency, which is watching television and complaining that enough people aren’t out there defending his claim, his baseless claim that this election is being stolen from him,” Collins declared on CNN, Friday.

“I am told it’s creating this frenzied atmosphere inside the West Wing because people are realizing that Joe Biden is on a path to victory and he is pulling only further ahead of the president by the hour when they have been told by these campaign officials for the last several days, ‘Don’t worry, we’re going to figure this out, by Friday the president will be reelected,'” she continued, noting, “And that is obviously looking increasingly less likely.”

Collins said that those “closest to the president are working to manage his frustration and his anger now right now as he is complaining that there aren’t enough people defending him,” and that White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows “is playing a pretty big role in feeding the president’s claim that this election is being stolen from him.”

“Some people in the West Wing do not believe what Mark Meadows is doing is helpful,” she said.

Collins also added that White House staffers are now “looking for jobs,” because “people are starting to wonder what their employment situation is going to be,” and “where they are going to go going forward because there really wasn’t this idea that the president could lose, even though he was down in so many polls.”

“People thought it was President Trump and he would find a way to pull this off. Now they’re realizing that that seems increasingly less likely,” she claimed. “So it’s led to this frenzied atmosphere inside the West Wing right now.”

As for Vice President Mike Pence, Collins told CNN he “is one of several people making calls today, trying to get donations for a legal defense fund for the president.”

Watch above via CNN.

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