CNN’s Stelter: We See Impeachment ‘Flat Line’ in Polling Partly Because of ‘Fox News Talk Radio Firewall’

CNN’s Brian Stelter this morning said the polling on impeachment hasn’t changed much in part due to the “Fox News talk radio firewall.”

Stelter opened today talking about the “impeachment flat line” — how the overall trend in polls asking whether people support both impeachment and removal has gone up and down but not hugely changed.

“There’s been barely any movement throughout the hearings and the debates on the floor of the House and then to the vote. People are exactly where they were. Basically a 50/50 country,” Stelter said.

“So when you hear hype about movement and individual polls or when you hear Trump claim he’s suddenly gaining tons of support, just remember that it’s a flat line,” he continued. “One of the many reasons why is because the Fox News talk radio firewall is holding incredibly strong.”

He brought up a few Fox News chyrons as an example, including “DELUSIONAL DEMOCRATS WALK OFF IMPEACHMENT CLIFF.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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