Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah Swipes at Broward’s Brenda Snipes: Her ‘Screw-up Has Definitely Affected’ Results


Although CNN and MSNBC have done everything short of nominate Brenda Snipes for a Nobel Prize in their relentless push-back on criticism of the ballot counting in Broward County, not everyone, even on the left, is quite such big fans of the long-time and error-prone Elections Supervisor. That includes The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah, who on Tuesday’s show took several shots at how she has screwed up.

“All over Florida the elections have been a cluster(~bleep~), and everyone is contributing to it,” said Noah, “starting with Brenda Snipes, alright. She’s the election commissioner in Broward County, who has been doing a great job of screwing up people’s votes.”

Noah played a few clips describing errors on her part and the part of her county, and then joked about how she responded to being asked whether there had been mistakes.

“But yes, thanks to Brenda Snipes and her weird ballot design, 25,000 voters didn’t even notice the Florida Senate race on their ballots. And remember, the margin in this race is currently sitting at 12,000 votes,” he said. “So this would have changed it. So Brenda’s screw-up has definitely affected Florida’s Senate results.”

Noah also cracked voters who missed the senate race. “But I will say this, even if the Senate ballot was in a weird place on a form, how as a voter are you leaving that voting booth without voting for the main thing? Like what kind of person doesn’t check their voting form? When I go to Olive Garden, I flip over the menu just to make sure I didn’t miss anything — oh, yeah, and the bread sticks, the bread sticks also,” he said. “The Senate race was the most important race, and yet thousands of people went in, voted for everything else — they’re like yeah, agriculture minister, yeah, yeah — and then they just left out Senate? Really?”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Comedy Central.

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