Dan Abrams on Cohen Memo: ‘I Think They Might Actually Seek to Indict Trump’


ABC News chief legal analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams said on ABC News Sunday that the Michael Cohen sentencing memo led him to believe federal prosecutors might try to indict President Donald Trump.

Martha Raddatz, hosting ABC’s This Week, asked Abrams about the Cohen sentencing memos, in which prosecutors implicated Trump (Individual 1) in the federal campaign finance violations committed by his former lawyer.

“I think this is the biggest legal threat we have seen so far,” Abrams said. “This is not Mueller’s team. This is the federal prosecutors who, in essence, work for Donald Trump in the Southern District of New York, who filed this sentencing memo which basically says, we think this crime is really serious.”

Abrams continued: “It is the first time that I’ve seen something in connection with this investigation, where I’ve said to myself, you know what? I think they might actually seek to indict Donald Trump here.”

“That doesn’t mean that they would seek to try him,” Abrams added. “But maybe just to indict him. By implicating him so directly in this way, and in effect by name, these prosecutors are making clear: We think this crime is serious, and we think he’s involved.”

Gov. Chris Christie agreed with Abrams that the Cohen investigation poses a greater threat to the president than the Russia probe, but argued that Justice Department policy prohibits indicting a sitting president.

Watch above, via ABC News.

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