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Dan Abrams Reports On Traumatic Nesler Family Reunion For Oprah

In 1993, Ellie Nesler shot dead the man who had molested her son in a courtroom. While the molester was now gone, so was Nesler to her children, her son Willie and his younger sister Rebecca. Willie is now in jail for his own murder conviction, seeing little of his sister. On special assignment for Oprah, NBC Chief Legal Analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams accompanied Rebecca to the California jail where her brother is currently incarcerated.

Abrams and Rebecca Nesler were Oprah Winfrey‘s guests today, Nesler returning for the first time to the program since she was nine years old. Abrams, who has covered the case and the family throughout the years, interviewed Rebecca on the trip up to the jail. Rebecca called her brother her “best friend” and expressed excitement and nerves at seeing him for the first time in two years. The pair, Abrams reported, spoke very much of their mother and their family life, and found Willie reflective and calm, although with significant signs of healing from the trauma. See the full report at

The Nesler family segment from today’s Oprah below:

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