Devin Nunes: We Are Ready to Submit First Criminal Referral for ‘Falsely Claimed’ Russia Investigation


Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) appeared on Fox Business Thursday morning and revealed to host Maria Bartiromo plans to submit criminal referrals to the Justice Department for what he sees as false claims that led to the Special Counsel investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian election interference.

After congratulating each other for what they see as being on the right side of the “Russia-gate” story, Nunes shared his “major concern” that “the FBI-DOJ falsely claimed this investigation did not begin until late July. We now know for certain that is not true.”

He then announced that “we are prepared now to at least submit our first criminal referral we think will grab everybody that we need to grab to make sure that there is a proper investigation” or “at least our referral over to DOJ.” He then hedged by admitting that Congress “can’t force them to go on an investigation” but added that he “will give appropriate names  and some crimes there may be more committed.”

It’s not clear who will be named in Nunes criminal referral, but given the conservative animus towards James Comey, James Clapper, Andrew McCabe, and John Brennan, one can easily imagine one if not all of those names may well be included.

Despite the wide mockery of his recent lawsuit filed against Twitter last week, Nunes is enjoying a good political moment given the four-page summary letter that Attorney General Bill Barr of the report submitted by Robert Mueller. The full report has not yet been revealed to the public, but the White House and Trump supports have claimed complete political victory based on Barr’s finding insufficient evidence of collusion charges and the decision to not follow up on obstruction of justice charges

During a Wednesday night interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, President Donald Trump went out of his way to laud his fiercest congressional defender, saying “Devin Nunes is someday going to be hailed as a great American hero.”

Watch above via FBN.

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