Dominion Rep Swats Down Election Fraud Conspiracy Theories: Team Trump Hasn’t ‘Offered a Scintilla of Proof’ Against Us


Fox News’ Eric Shawn held an interview on Sunday with a representative for Dominion Voting Systems, who systematically dissected the conspiracy theories President Donald Trump and his team have used to challenge the integrity of the 2020 Election.

Michael Steel, a Republican political consultant and spokesperson for Dominion, appeared on America’s News Headquarters and was asked point blank, “Did a Dominion machine change one vote from [Joe] Biden to Trump or from Trump to Biden?”

“No,” Steel answered, adding “it is not physically possible for our machines to switch votes from one candidate to the other.”

Let’s be clear, our election system is run by local elected officials and nonpartisan poll watchers. We simply provide a tool to print and count ballots. There is no way such a massive fraud could have taken place and there are no connections between our company and Venezuela, Germany, Barcelona, Kathmandu or whatever the latest conspiracy theory is.

Shawn repeatedly asked Steel how he could be certain that the machine’s ballots weren’t tampered with, so Steel outlined the process Dominion uses to process ballots and match the tallies of printed ballots. When the Fox host remarked that some people will never believe Steel, he mocked the “crazy allegations” Trump’s team has pushed on TV amid numerous setbacks they’ve seen in court.

“Thirty times they gone to court and they have not offered a scintilla of proof,” Steel said. “We would love to see any facts and evidence they have, but thus far, we have seen none.”

Steel noted that the Dominion tally wouldn’t match the printed ballot tally in the event of electronic interference, and as he continued to go into detail about how the machines work, Shawn pressed him with numerous allegations raised by Trump lawyer Sidney Powell. This led to the topic of Georgia since the state reaffirmed Biden’s victory in their hand recount, and yet, Powell continues to push evidence-free claims of malfeasance because the state used Dominion machines.

Steel countered Powell’s claims by noting that “in the 14 counties of Pennsylvania where Dominion machines were used, the president won by 52 percent.” This prompted Shawn to invoke a claim from Powell as he asked Steel if it was possible that a poll worker could’ve inserted a thumb drive into a Dominion machine, uploaded a foreign code, and tweaked the vote for Biden that way.

His response:

We are now in the realm of conspiracies so dark I have no idea even what we’re talking about here…The tabulator has no unlocked thumb drive access, no unlocked USB ports, and remember, these are secured by local elected officials and nonpartisan poll watchers. It’s not physically possible to do what they are describing. The machines are air gap, they are are not connected to the Internet, it’s just not physically possible.

Steel went on to swat down Powell’s claims about Dominion’s algorithm, as well as her claim that the company bribed Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) as part of a scam to swing the election for Biden.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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