Don Lemon Calls Out Latest Katrina Pierson BS: ‘I Think You’re Being Very Disingenuous’


While doubling up on hosting duties Tuesday on CNN’s morning show New Day, Don Lemon interviewed Katrina Pierson, the bullet-wearing, unhinged Twitter rampaging, walking spellcheck squiggly line who moonlights as a spokesperson for the Donald Trump campaign. And isn’t it always a party when Pierson appears on cable news to defend her boss’ latest nonsense?

Yes. Yes it is.

As the conversation between Lemon and Pierson veered into the recent national embarrassment story about Trump retweeting a less-than-flattering photo of Heidi Cruz opposite his how-did-he-land-her wife Melania, Pierson safely identified the real victim here. “There’s only been on wife attacked this cycle. And that is Melania Trump.”

“There’s no such thing as an attack on Heidi Cruz!” she remarkably asserted, clearly insulting Lemon’s intelligence, as well as any fool watching New Day who believes what she was spouting off. “No one has attacked Heidi Cruz. Melania Trump has been attacked. Where has that headline been on CNN?”

“I think you’re being very disingenuous about this,” Lemon offered simply. And since the 2016 GOP nominating process has effectively devolved into a cafeteria food fight and a battle for prom king supremacy, Pierson then defended Trump’s actual schoolyard taunt on Cruz — “He started it.”

In the most highbrow and subtle way possible, Lemon outro’d the segment by concluding, “Katrina Pierson, thank you very much, I appreciate it. I think it’s a very good spin that you’ve put on it, but it’s not necessarily the truth.”

Watch the above interview from CNN’s New Day.

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