Elmo Offers Solution To Congressional Discord In Hard-Hitting Erin Burnett Interview

Erin Burnett pulls no punches, no matter how adorable her interview subjects are. Tonight may have been a particularly difficult challenge to keeping her guest honest, though, as she sat down with one of the cutest analysts in American politics (apparently?) tonight: Sesame Street’s Elmo. The cheery creature was delighted to discuss his career and propose an innovative solution to political stalemates in Washington: play dates.

The occasion for Elmo’s visit? The puppet– and his alter ego, puppeteer Kevin Clash— are hitting the media circuit to promote the new documentary Being Elmo: A Puppet’s Journey. After getting to talk to Clash about his experiences bringing to life one of America’s most beloved children’s characters, Burnett got a shot to talk to Elmo himself, who was eager to answer her questions on the issues concerning voters today.

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The current discord in Washington that has led to so much discontent in the nation, Elmo argued, was fairly easy to solve. “Play dates!” he told Burnett, elaborating that “everybody brings their own food, [they] share, sing songs.” While this journalist isn’t entirely sure how the food situation would play out– 535 stomachs allow for a great variety of preferences– there are more than a few members of Congress who we can expect to be fully on board with the singing (Sen. Orrin Hatch particularly comes to mind).

The segment via CNN below:

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