Ex-RNC Spokesperson Says ‘The Real Insurrection’ Was the November Election: ‘That Was the Overthrow’


While America recovers from the attack by Donald Trump’s supporters on the U.S. Capitol, Liz Harrington — a former spokesperson for the Republicans National Committee — is claiming that the “real insurrection” happened when the president lost the 2020 election.

The former RNC spokesperson appeared on Newsmax Tuesday, where she complained about the consequences Trump and his backers have seen so far in the aftermath of the mob violence. After denouncing the backlash as “not-American,” Harrington then proclaimed that “the real insurrection…happened on November 4th at about 3:30 in the morning, when all those vote dumps were dropped.”

“That’s when it happened. That was the overthrow,” she said. “That was taking away the agency and the self-government of the American people. And if we allow it to stand, that’s the real crisis here, and that’s who should be disqualified from being the president.”

Harrington concluded by claiming President-Elect Joe Biden is “not a duly-elected president.” Her claims drew no pushback. Newsmax repeatedly attempted to delegitimize Biden’s victory in the weeks after the election, before reluctantly acknowledging his presidency after the electoral college vote was certified.

Harrington’s comments carry the same unsubstantiated voter fraud claims Newsmax and Trump have amplified for months in order to dispute the election results. The network was forced to debunk their false claims last month after being threatened with a lawsuit, but Trump kept pushing evidence-free voter fraud claims all the way up to the rally on Jan. 6 which preceded the invasion of the Capitol.

Watch above, via Newsmax.

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