FNC’s Bill Hemmer Grills RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Over Party’s Election Prospects: ‘The Midterms Could Be Really Tough’

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel appears convinced that President Donald Trump is the secret sauce that will lead Republicans to more victories in 2018, but Bill Hemmer did his best to pump the brakes and give McDaniel a reality check.

“Let’s talk about Ohio 12,” Hemmer said. “This is a district the president card carried by 11 points, I think Mitt Romney carried it by 10. Why would it even be this close, Ronna?”

“I think that’s a really tough comparison,” McDaniel said. “When President Trump won, 377,000 voters turned out. It was a presidential year. Compare that to a special election in August a week before school starts, just isn’t fair. So only 200,000 voters turned out last night. It was about ground game, it was about turning out your vote and Republicans turned out.”

“Do you think the visit on Saturday even kept this thing close?” Hemmer pressed.

“The visit on Saturday is why we won,” McDaniel asserted, later adding: “Absolutely President Trump is the antidote to Republican complacency.”

Hemmer noted, however, that many of the people who came to vote for President Trump didn’t vote in the special elections.

“The point being, turnout is critical but if you aren’t getting the same levels of support from 2016, the midterms could be really tough for the RNC and Republicans in Washington,” he added.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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