Former Fox Newser Bashes Network for Framing Joe Biden as Senile: Everything They Said ‘Applies to Trump Times a Thousand’


Democratic strategist and former Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky slammed her former network on Sunday for how they’ve portrayed Joe Biden’s gaffes as evidence of his mental decline.

Roginsky — who was at Fox News until 2017 – was on CNN for a panel discussion with Brian Stelter about the ex-veeps latest misstatements and whether they’re having an impact on his presidential campaign. Roginsky joined the fray when asked for her reaction to Brit Hume, Melissa Francis and other Fox News figures who flirted to varying degrees with the idea that Biden is growing senile.

Stelter said Biden’s flubs should be covered by reporters, but he asked “doesn’t everything they just said apply to President Trump as well?”

“If I were still there, I would have been very fleet to point this out,” Roginsky answered. “Everything they have just said about Biden applies to Trump times a thousand. And yet, that’s never pointed out.”

Stelter proceeded to note that Fox “freaks out” whenever he questions the president’s stability, and Roginsky continued that the Sean Hannities of the world “can’t stand it” while others “have to twist themselves into pretzels on air” to differentiate Biden from Trump. She made her point by agreeing that Biden’s gaffes are fair game, but explaining that its different from Trump’s incessant lies.

“That’s never pointed out,” Roginsky repeated in conclusion. “And that’s the sad thing about where we’ve gotten to the media ecosystem, where we’ve got an entire media complex that refuses to be honest about the fact that everything they just said about Joe Biden can apply to Donald Trump.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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