Fox & Friends Defends Trump’s Caravan Invasion Rhetoric: ‘He Hasn’t Forgotten About It’


Roughly 3,000 Honduran migrants have reportedly made it as far north as the border town of Tijuana, Mexico, spawning protests by locals who appear to be in agreement with President Donald Trump’s assessment that these individuals are “invading” their city.

Fox & Friends appeared to take something of a victory lap, showing footage of Mexica protestors that are literally quoting President Trump’s rhetoric. After airing the b-roll package, they returned to the studio and cited Trump’s tweet from Sunday that read:

Conservative media’s coverage of the “caravan” of Central American migrants has received a lot of criticism from outlets who saw it as  “fear-mongering” designed to rally an ostensibly xenophobic base of Trump’s “build that wall” supporters for the midterm elections two weeks ago. This critique seems supported by the dearth of caravan coverage after the election compared to the relative wall-to-wall coverage before.

Brian Kilmeade put as fine a point on the segment as one could expect, hitting back at critics of caravan coverage. “If you don’t like the term invasion don’t worry about it the mayor of Tijuana has other term avalanche or tsunami of people. For people to think it’s hyperbole people using it for the election. He was pointing out something for the election he tweeted about it last night.”

Watch the segment above, courtesy of Fox News.

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