Fox & Friends Grilling Leaves Ted Cruz Stuttering on Immigration Debate: ‘Those Polls Are Deceptive’

Senator Ted Cruz is predictably far to the right on immigration, but is he too far for Fox & Friends?

The Texas senator appeared on Trump’s favorite morning show to discuss DACA and the plans before Congress on immigration. He told the curvy couch that Republicans are actually swinging to the left of Barack Obama’s policies and that these measures are sure to keep conservative voters home in the midterm elections.

“We should not be granting citizenship for people here illegally,” Cruz said. “DACA covered 690,000 people. Why on Earth are Republicans trying to more than double, nearly triple that from 690,000?”

“Because it’s a more accurate number,” Brian Kilmeade responded.

“Tell that the steelworkers. Tell that to the truck drivers. Tell that to the American people we promised we wouldn’t do amnesty,” Cruz said.

“But what about the people who are on the list?” Ainsley Earhardt chimed in to no response from the senator, who continued to stick to his talking points.

“Why would Republicans be galloping to the left of Barack Obama?” he queried, probably hoping it was rhetorical.

For Kilmeade, it wasn’t: “Because they want border security and they gotta give to get something up and you only have 51 votes?”

Cruz, miraculously, was left speechless.

When he found his voice again: “Mark my words. If Republican majorities in Congress pass citizenship for millions of people in amnesty, I think it is quite likely we will lose both houses of Congress.”

But Kilmeade wasn’t finished. “Do you not think it is accurate that 70% of the country want a pathway?” he asked.

“No, I don’t think it’s accurate. Those polls are done, those polls are deceptive. I can tell you the American people don’t want amnesty. We want the border secure,” Cruz said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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