Fox & Friends Pounces on DOJ Review of Classified Biden Docs to Complain About Mar-a-Lago Raid: ‘The Irony is Delicious’


Fox & Friends seized on news that the Department of Justice is reviewing classified documents that were found at a private office once used by President Joe Biden. They did so by complaining that this hasn’t led to a search through the current president’s home like with Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago documents scandal.

On Tuesday, the show jumped into the story that Biden’s attorneys were closing out a private office months ago that he used back when he was Barack Obama’s vice president. As the office was being closed, the attorneys found a small batch of classified documents amongst Biden’s presidential papers. They reported those documents to the National Archives, and a review was launched.

As Fox & Friends dove into this, Steve Doocy demanded to know “why they have waited two months to tell us what happened a week before the midterms, because this would have been explosive news before the midterms.” That led to Ainsley Earhardt asking if Biden should get “the same treatment” Trump got when the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago last year.

“No,” Brian Kilmeade added. “If they were treated [the same], they would’ve raided the University of Pennsylvania for the rest of the documents, I guess, beat up the secretary, and then just grab everything they could.”

The FBI was in possession of a search warrant when they went to Mar-a-Lago after Trump refused to return classified documents he improperly took when he left office. That collection of classified documents was numbered in the hundreds.

As the panel wondered how the National Archives didn’t realize that these documents were unaccounted for, Doocy proclaimed that “the irony is delicious” after how many Democrats tore into Trump after the Mar-a-Lago scandal broke. He then rolled that footage from Biden and other Democrats, gloating that “What they did is they all broke one of the cardinal rules of politics. That is, when you are yelling at somebody on the other side, make sure nobody on your side has done the same thing.”

Eventually, Doocy and his colleagues reluctantly acknowledged some of the differences between the Mar-a-Lago case and the DOJ’s review on the Biden docs.

“The details are different in sheer numbers and stuff like that,” he noted. “But nonetheless, when you have these kinds of documents, just one counts. So it’s like, you know, people said, ‘Oh, [Trump] had 300, Biden only had 10.’ It just takes one. These are the biggest secrets in the world, and what did — why did Joe Biden have it in a closet at his think tank?”

Watch above via Fox News.

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