Fox News Anchor Rebukes Guest for Mocking ‘Dumb People with Pronoun Names’


Fox News host Harris Faulkner put down a guest for attacking “dumb people with pronoun names” while arguing it isn’t “sexist” to call House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “dumb.”

Faulkner, radio host Lars Larson and Fox News contributor Leslie Marshall were discussing Sen. John Kennedy insulting Pelosi during a President Donald Trump rally where he commented “it must suck to be that dumb,” which Larson approved of.

“I would join him in that, actually,” Larson said on Outnumbered Overtime Thursday, while also naming the alleged Trump whistleblower whose identity remains unconfirmed.

“In addition to my finding it to be sexist, I find it to be unprofessional,” Marshall responded “The name calling, whether it’s from the left to the right or the right to the left, it just brings down and lowers the bar of decency in our nation.”

“It’s not sexist. I know dumb men and I know dumb women, and I probably will meet some dumb people with pronoun names too. It’s not a sexist term,” Larson responded, earning a rebuke from Faulkner.

“This conversation devolved. We don’t put down people who use different pronouns on this network, on this show especially,” Faulkner said.

The host then gave the last word to Marshall.

“Harris, you’re a parent as well. It becomes harder when we as adults don’t set the example for our children and for our future. I have to say, I’m fearful of that in the future,” Marshall told Faulkner.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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