Fox News’ Chris Wallace Throws Shade at Trump’s Iran Policy in Interview with GOP Senator: ‘Do You Understand’ It?


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace verged on open mockery of Donald Trump‘s Iran policy when he repeatedly asked Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey “do you understand” what that policy is.

At the end of an interview on this week’s edition of Fox News Sunday, Wallace managed to take two unsubtle shots at Trump’s Iran policy in the space of a single question.

“Over the last week, the president has taken a number of measures,” Wallace said to Toomy. “He’s ordered a carrier strike group to the Persian Gulf, we’re sending long range bombers there, the Pentagon has at least considered a proposal to send 120,000 US troops to the Middle East.”

“Really, two questions, one, do you understand what’s going on with U.S. policy in Iran,” Wallace asked, and then added, with a slight laugh, “and how do you feel about, if you do understand it, what the president’s policy is?”

“I think I do, Chris,” Toomey replied. “I took the time to go down to the secure briefing room and read the intelligence reports last week, I’m looking forward to the full briefing to all senators on Tuesday on the intelligence we have. I can’t comment on that, but let me simply say this. If you read a report about a potentially imminent threat to American personnel and American assets, originating from the Iranian regime, I think you should take that report very seriously.”

Others have said that claims about intelligence on Iran are exaggerated, prompting comparisons to the intelligence that led the United States into war with Iraq, and concern that the U.S. could similarly be drawn into a war with Iran..

Watch the clip above, via Fox.

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