Fox News Host Goes Off on Cohen’s ‘Influence Peddling’: He Should ‘Pay Back His Swamp Fees’


Fox News host Steve Hilton blasted Michael Cohen on Sunday night, accusing President Donald Trump‘s personal lawyer of “influence peddling” and thwarting the administration’s attempts to drain the swamp.

Hilton — an Oxford-educated former strategist for U.K. prime minister David Cameron who spends much of his time bemoaning the “global elites” — issued a fiery diatribe against Cohen in light of revelations that he received millions in payments from companies seeking “consulting” on the new administration.

The Fox News host detailed Cohen’s influence peddling, explaining how he approached companies like drug giant Novartis and telecom company AT&T with a “pay to play pitch.”

Hilton is very careful to exculpate Cohen’s client and longtime boss Trump for the lawyer’s swampiness:

“This is the kind of corruption that Donald Trump was elected to stop,” Hilton said. “And let’s be fair: he’s already delivered some of his ‘Drain the Swamp’ pledges, like clamping down on the revolving door between government and lobbying.”

“And, also to be fair: Michael Cohen’s influence peddling didn’t work. The Trump Administration took AT&T to court to block its Time Warner merger,” he continued. “But the sight of a Trump insider running around trying pitching himself to help big corporations even as the new administration was taking shape is an insult to every Trump voter.

“Donald Trump was elected to be the voice for the voiceless, to help the forgotten men and women of America, not to help big business get its way in Washington.

“What part of ‘Drain the Swamp’ did Michael Cohen not understand?” Hilton said.

Hilton added that “pointing this out is not being disloyal to the president,” but that “Michael Cohen has let the president down by embarrassing him and undermining one of his most important promises to the American people.”

“Michael Cohen should apologize, pay back his swamp fees, and tell us who else he pitched,” Hilton concluded. “It’s called Draining the Swamp.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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