Fox News Host to Pro-Trump Guest: If Americans Are Happy, Why Are Trump’s Polls So Low?

President Donald Trump routinely accuses the media of portraying his administration in an unfair light, failing to give him credit where he believes it’s due, a recent round of approval ratings suggest Americans aren’t as happy as he’d like to think.

Radio host R.J. Harris had a tough time coming to grips with that on Fox News this Sunday, as host Leland Vittert asked him about a Washington Post poll last week reported a mere 3 percent of the black community was satisfied with Trump’s tenure so far.

Vitter noted that despite Trump’s tweets about his economic success, Trump’s polls “don’t really look so good,” particularly amongst African-Americans.

“Where’s the disconnect?” Vittert asked.

Harris blamed the “mainstream media” for Trump’s low numbers, adding “I think America’s pretty darn happy right now.”

“If people are so happy why isn’t it reflected in the polling numbers?” Vittert interjected.

“I’m not sure why the African American community is not higher,” he said. “They’re doing much better. So is the Hispanic community.”

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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