Fox News’ Jesse Watters: If I Said What Mika Brzezinski Said, I’d Be ‘Toast’


Fox News host Jesse Watters complained about a “double standard” in media on The Five Friday, claiming that if he had made the comment MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski did, he’d be “toast.”

Brzezinski has found herself in hot water this week after she made a homophobic remark about Mike Pompeo on Morning Joe, calling the secretary of state “a wannabe dictator’s butt boy.”

The Five discussed Brzezinski’s remark on Friday, and Greg Gutfeld was charitable, pointing out that she apologized.

Watters, meanwhile lamented the double standard: “Whenever there’s a controversy, I say to myself: ‘If Watters had said that, what would have been the repercussions?’ And usually, it’s a huge double standard. If I had said that, I would’ve been toast, and there would be no Watters World. It would be a very sad day. There’s an unequal system of justice in America.”

He referenced a few pundits who have lodged their foots in their mouths and still “got away with it,” namely MSNBC’s Joy Reid (who made homophobic remarks in old blog posts and later claimed, absurdly, that her blog was hacked); CNN’s Kaitlan Collins (who used a homophobic slur in a 2011 tweet); and CBS’s Stephen Colbert (who made a gay joke about Trump).

Watters has had his own issues with controversial comments. In 2016, he drew outrage for a “Chinatown” segment that was seen as wildly racist towards Asian Americans. He issued a quasi-apology. In 2017, he again drew outrage for making a suggestive comment about Ivanka Trump. His career has survived those hurdles: he co-hosts top-rated show The Five and his own Saturday night show Watters World.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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