Fox News Questions Tom Cotton on ‘Send in the Troops’ Op-Ed: ‘It’s Not Just Woke Progressives’ Opposing These Policies


Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) addressed the controversy over his New York Times op-ed calling on President Donald Trump to “send in the troops” to stop riots in an appearance on Fox News, Thursday, where he argued it’s the “constitution duty of the federal government” to protect states and citizens from “insurrectionist violence.”

After being asked about the controversy over his op-ed, and the New York Times writers who called out the newspaper for publishing it, Cotton said, “I think it once again exposes the hypocrisy of all these woke progressives who claim to defend liberal values, but as soon as they are presented with an opinion with which they disagree, they go into meltdown, they demand censorship, they refer to words as violence, they call for firings at their newspaper.”

“I will commend the New York Times’ leadership,” he continued, adding, “You know, we obviously don’t agree on very much, but in this case they ran my opinion piece with which they disagreed, and they’ve stood up to the woke progressive mob in their own news room, so I commend them for that.”

“But the bottom line is, on a 4-1 measure, Americans support using the National Guard to put down riots and looters. By 2-1 measure, they support using active-duty troops if necessary. That’s the simple case I made in this op-ed, that there is both a legal basis and long historical precedent for using our National Guard and, if necessary, federal troops to put down domestic violence,” Cotton explained. “And in fact, it is the constitutional duty of the federal government to protect the states from this kind of insurrectionist violence.”

“These woke progressives have not engaged with any of these arguments, or any of these historic examples. They are simply throwing a temper tantrum,” Cotton added, listing times in history when the National Guard was used.

Fox News host Ed Henry responded by pushing back: “Senator, on the other hand, it doesn’t sound like it’s just woke progressives, as you call them, who are against some of the president’s policies. His own defense secretary, as you know, Mark Esper yesterday said he is not in favor of invoking the Insurrection Act and has real concerns about using active duty U.S. troops in American cities.”

Henry then asked Cotton what his advice to Trump would be.

“As I say in my opinion piece in the New York Times, invoking the Insurrection Act and and using federal troops is not a first resort, it’s the last resort, but in cases where local law enforcement is outnumbered and overwhelmed, and when the National Guard is not sufficient, the Insurrection Act provides the legal basis with many historic precedents for the president to protect our citizens,” Cotton replied. “Now ultimately, that’s not a decision for the secretary of defense to make. It’s not a decision for a senator to make. It’s a decision for the president to make.”

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