Fox’s Howard Kurtz: ‘Chris Matthews Should Apologize to Bernie Sanders’


Fox News’ Howard Kurtz said MSNBC’s Chris Matthews owes Bernie Sanders an apology for connecting the senator’s Nevada caucus victory to Nazi Germany’s invasion of France.

Kurtz joined Dana Perino on Monday to react to Matthews and others on MSNBC who had major responses to how Sanders established his frontrunner status over the weekend. Kurtz began by saying people need to “stay away” from Nazi analogies, and that Matthews’ remarks were “particularly tone deaf” since Sanders had family members who died in the Holocaust.

“Chris Matthews should apologize to Bernie Sanders,” Kurtz said. “I don’t know what he’s waiting for, MSNBC should disavow the remarks, and what horrible thing did Sanders do to warrant this analogy? He clobbered everybody else fair and square.”

From there, Kurtz turned his attention to the recent reports about how the Sanders campaign objected to MSNBC’s coverage, calling it unfair and saying they have a disdainful attitude to the senator’s base.

“You would think that Bernie Sanders and MSNBC with all its liberal hosts and commentators would be a marriage made in political heaven,” Kurtz said. “It’s fine if you want to take him on on policy, or his heart attack, or anything else, but stay away from German tanks rolling into Paris in 1940.

Kurtz went on to say that many in the media have “completely miscalculated” Sanders’ chances of winning.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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