Frank Luntz Goes After CNN’s Brian Stelter: It’s ‘Disgusting’ Media Doesn’t Give POTUS Credit


Pollster Frank Luntz and CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter butted heads about their coverage of President Trump‘s summit.

It all began when Trump slammed the media in a tweet about North Korea by declaring “Fake News” outlets like CNN and NBC as the “biggest enemy” for their negative coverage of the summit on Wednesday. Stelter reacted to the tweet on-air by calling it “absolutely disgusting” and a “form of poison.”

Luntz then went after Stelter on Twitter for putting so much focus on Trump’s tweet, prompting the following exchange:

Well, Luntz continued his criticism of Stelter during his appearance on The Ingraham Angle.

The pollster began by acknowledging that Trump’s polling is now better than President Obama at this point in his presidency and how “nobody talks about that.” He then asked how anyone could be so “critical” of the president between the strong economy and jobs numbers and the promising talks with North Korea. And while he argued that Trump’s growing favorability will help the GOP as a whole, their enthusiasm is still overshadowed by the Democratic base. However, he did stress the “significance” of Trump’s summit with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un, comparing it to President Nixon‘s trip to China.

Laura Ingraham then played the clip of Stelter calling Trump’s attack on the media “disgusting.”

“You know what? It’s ‘disgusting’ that they don’t give him credit for what he’s done over the last 72 hours,” Luntz reacted, opting to ignore the substance of Trump’s tweet.

“That they don’t give him credit for an economy that is truly improved.  They’re getting what they deserve by the tone and the demeanor of the coverage. They’re actually helping not just the Republicans, they’re helping to reelect Donald Trump should he run again.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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