‘Get a Therapist’: The View Rips Jeffrey Toobin Over Zoom Call Scandal


The View took turns slamming CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin in light of the debacle that got him suspended from the network.

Whoopi Goldberg led the segment by delving into the news that Toobin was suspended from The New Yorker and CNN for masturbating during a staff Zoom call when he thought no one could see him. When Sunny Hostin was asked for her take, she couldn’t predict what would happen in the broader context of the coronavirus pandemic, but “if he were physically in an office at work, this would be a fireable offense. There would be grounds for termination.”

He was virtually working, so you know, he arguably sexualized his workplace. I don’t know what the answer is now because of the situation that we are in. I will say this, I think that what does also merit an investigation is why would someone show this lack of impulse control?

When Sara Haines chimed in, the panel started laughing as she told her colleagues “This is a gear switch I could leave to only a man.” She kept chuckling as she noted that the Toobin incident happened during a call about election simulations.

“This is — I’m sorry — the most unsexy thing I’ve ever heard of, and I’m not going to be able to unsee this,” she said through laughter. “I know there’s a lot of seriousness to this topic. It’s just really hard because I can’t fathom a situation where this was the option A and B.”

For Joy Behar’s turn, she said “I feel sorry for the guy” because “I kind of like his reportage on CNN about the Constitution and the Supreme Court. He’s pretty good on that.” After that, Behar brought up the other people on Toobin’s Zoom call as she said “the part I don’t really get” is “why would you watch that?”

“I don’t know why no one said ‘Jeffrey, we can see you,'” Goldberg agreed. “I don’t know why no one had the presence of mind to say ‘dude, do you know everyone can see you?'”

Haines and Hostin answered that it might’ve been “shock,” to which, Goldberg said “That’s a whole bunch of shocked people. One of those people had to have the presence of mind to say ‘oh my god, I’ve got to stop you!’ I mean, come on!”

Behar concluded the segment by comparing Toobin’s “self-destructive behavior” to that of Anthony Weiner.

“He’s got this huge career on CNN,” she said. “He’s the guy, and then shoots himself in the foot with behavior like this. I mean, get a therapist Jeffrey.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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