Greg Gutfeld Attacks CNN Over Stormy Daniels Coverage: Sacrificing ‘What’s Left of Its Reputation’


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld mocked CNN over the rival network’s coverage of Donald Trump’s alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels, claiming that Americans are disinterested and instead asking, “So what?”

Gutfeld took a note from other conservative media pundits and accused CNN of pivoting to a Jerry Springer Show type broadcast, since they are focusing so much on the Daniels-Trump scandal:

“Yes CNN, you’ve finally gone Springer. All that’s missing is the hair pulling and the 300 pound bouncer — maybe Brian Stelter can don a referee shirt. I wonder, could this be what Anderson Cooper saw as a career arc — to go from high class to crass. And for what? To prove Trump had consensual sex not with his wife before he became president? I think America has filed that under ‘so what?’ As for us, you won’t hear a bad word about Stormy. Unlike Hillary and her friends, we won’t besmirch the women. We’re gonna wait until Trump has at least nine Oval Office encounters with one of his interns fresh out of college and until he is accused of sexual assault by a woman who came to him for help.”

The Five host continued by downplaying the “romp” that happened “a decade ago” and proceeded to suggest CNN is just trying to “sacrifice… what’s left of its reputation to undo an election” with negative Trump coverage. “Congrats, CNN, you have redefined hard news,” he added.

Additionally, co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle compared CNN’s coverage to an “ultimate fighting championship” match, a dig at the network for allowing Daniels’ lawyer and Michael Cohen’s lawyer to go “back and forth” in a “very unsettling” fashion.

However, as noted by CNN’s Oliver Darcy, the Daniels story is bigger than the sexual encounter, as the questionable ethics of how Trump and Cohen went about paying off the porn star play a major role in the coverage.

Darcy’s critque of Gutfeld was met with a response from the Fox News host accusing the media reporter of ignoring his previous coverage. He then asked Darcy to remove the word “senior” from his CNN title.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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