comScore Greg Gutfeld on Gun Control Advocates: ‘It’s Always the Tool, But Never the Terrorist’

Greg Gutfeld on Gun Control Advocates: ‘It’s Always the Tool, But Never the Terrorist’

On Wednesday night, The Five’s Greg Gutfeld went after those who pushed the gun control agenda in the wake of the shooting at the GOP baseball practice in Alexandria, VA.

“After each incident, there’s a reflex to blame everything and everyone but the fiend responsible,” Gutfeld began.

He pointed to the one-year anniversary of the Orlando terrorist attack and how gun violence “still ruled the narrative.”

“It’s always the tool, but never the terrorist,” he stated.

The Fox News host then went after Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe for “spewing” gun violence stats instead of sticking to the facts, like how the shooter was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

“Do I blame Sanders? No,” Gutfeld continued, “but replace ‘Sanders’ with ‘Trump’ and you gotta wonder if the left would return that favor. After all, hasn’t that been the media narrative for so long? That the ‘hateful deplorables’ created a climate of violence and that the Party of Lincoln isn’t just wrong but evil?”

Gutfeld pointed out that there was violence, but “not from the deplorables.”

“The left blame the right for everything bad,” he added, “so why not return the favor so that they might learn a lesson? Is that even possible?”

He then turned to Sen. Rand Paul‘s (R-KY) claim that had it not been from Congressman Steve Scalise‘s armed security team, it “would have been a massacre.”

“Translation: Our leaders are better protected than we are,” Gutfeld assessed. “If it was just you and me there in that gun free zone, we’d be dead.”

He went on to say that each of these incidents “teaches us about vulnerability.”

“The right response is to analyze risk and reduce it,” Gutfeld concluded. “People drown in water. The option isn’t to blame water but to learn to swim.”



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