Hacked Clinton Emails Show CNBC Host John Harwood Constantly Complimenting Hillary

John HarwoodThe hacked emails from Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta released by WikiLeaks Monday reveal that CNBC anchor and Republican primary debate moderator John Harwood had a habit of reaching out to the campaign to offer unsolicited compliments.

Shortly after the Clinton email controversy first broke, Harwood sent an email to Podesta and another Clinton staffer with the subject line “FYI.” In it was the text of a tweet that he had sent downplaying the scandal.

Later in July, Clinton wrote a letter to the editor of The New York Times blasting their coverage of the email scandal. Three days later, Harwood– a New York Times contributor– sent Podesta a blank email with the headline “good letter.”

“Appreciate it,” Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri responded.

Later in September, Harwood wrote again to praise Clinton for a good TV appearance. “She looked so much more comfortable talking to [MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell] today than to [CNN’s Brianna Keilar] a few weeks ago,” he emailed Podesta.

In October, amid rumors of Joe Biden entering the race and some bad polls, Harwood reached out to ask “How are you feeling about where things stand?”

“Battered but ok,” Podesta responded.

“Sounds right to me,” Harwood agreed.

And so on. “She was good here in Newton,” he emailed in January. “Congrats – pretty strong,” he added in March. At one point, Harwood emailed to see if Podesta wanted to go to lunch together.

That’s not to say Harwood didn’t have an angle. “Don’t you think it’s time… for [Clinton] to talk economy with me?” he asked pointedly in November. “With me, it will be the kind of substantive, deep, textured conversation about the economy she wants.”

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