Hannity Accuses ‘Liberal Joe’ Scarborough of ‘Kissing Jeff Zucker’s Ass’ For a Job at CNN

In his “mini-monologue” on Wednesday night, Sean Hannity went after MSNBC’s “Liberal JoeScarborough.

“Each and every morning,” Hannity began, “he lobs baseless insults at the president, the administration, and Republicans, and by the way real conservatives in the media.”

He played a clip from him from earlier in the day calling President Trump “the greatest liar that has ever sat in the White House.”

“Yeah Joe,” Hannity reacted. “You’re a chameleon and a phony.”

He also slammed Scarborough for defending “his fake news friends” at CNN when he tweeted “CNN has more integrity on its worst day than Donald Trump does on his best.”

“‘Liberal Joe’ perhaps is hoping that his favorite fake news network will hire him,” he continued. “Now if that’s the case, I’d say his audition is going really well sucking up and kissing Jeff Zucker‘s ass!”

And because he’s “such a nice person,” Hannity put together a “reel” of Scarborough’s “most interesting moments.”

He also mocked “Little Joey” and his Scarborough Band and told him he “has a shot” in the music industry “in case his career in fake news doesn’t work out.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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