Hannity Accuses Republicans of ‘Fraud’ Over Obamacare Repeal Promises: ‘This Is Beyond Pathetic’


On Tuesday night, Sean Hannity unleashed his anger at Republicans on Capitol Hill over their failed efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“Enough is enough,” he began. “No more excuses. It’s time, the GOP, you either step up and get the job done or get out of Washington!”

The Fox News host said the Senate health care bill was an “epic failure,” calling it “sad” and “tragic” that it fell apart.

“Pay very close attention if you’re in the D.C. swamp,” he told Congressional Republicans. “I and so many of us in the country, we have run out of patience with you! You are the do-nothing GOP lawmakers. And up to now, to be very, very honest, and it’s really sad, you’re pretty useless and all you have now is excuses and broken promises.”

Hannity lambasted Republicans after they won the House in 2010, the Senate in 2014, and the presidency in 2016, they still cannot pass health care reform. He then called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Senators John McCain, Susan Collins, and Lindsey Graham for their failed promises they’ve made over the years. He also noted that the House voted for Obamacare repeal a whopping 68 times, which he called “phony show votes.”

“Was this all a big game?” he asked. “A giant fraud perpetrated on the American people. Now you Republicans, you face a moment of truth. This is a tipping point.”

He then went through his “to-do list” for GOP lawmakers, which include funding the border wall, energy independence, tax reform, and of course, the repeal and replacing of Obamacare, all of which have to be done if they want to keep the Senate in 2018.

Hannity advised the 52 GOP senators to “get in a room, turn off the air conditioner and sweat like the rest of America, and order some pizza” (he even said he’ll send them beer) and “don’t leave the room until you do your job and come out and say “We have come to an agreement and we have a bill that we can put on President Trump‘s desk.”

“In other words, serve the American people,” he demanded. “If you can’t get this done, then new leaders need to be elected who can do your job!”

He singled out McConnell to “step aside” if he can’t get health care reform done and credited Speaker Paul Ryan for at least passing something in the House.

“This is beyond pathetic!” he added. “All these years, all you Republicans promised, promised, promised again, again, again that you’re gonna end the nightmare that is Obamacare… Coming close doesn’t count. You are pampered, you are overpaid, you are spoiled!”

Late last night, McConnell announced that he would pursue a repeal-only bill, which has already been opposed by senators in his own party.

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