Hannity: Morning Joe Is ‘Insane,’ But I’m Not the ‘Speech Police’ and Mika’s Apology ‘Probably Sincere’


On Wednesday, Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity covered, at length, the controversy surrounding MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and the slur she used to describe Secretary of State Mike Pompeo early in the day. Hannity defended Brzezinksi’s apology and pushed back against people he said are “trying to destroy her career” over the remark.

Hannity first addressed the story in his opening monologue (above), before later doing a segment on the topic with guests Monica Crowley and Tammy Bruce.

He introduced the story by saying that the hosts of Morning Joe “literally spend hours every single day trying to outdo themself, trading insults about Donald Trump, the Trump family, and anyone associated with Trump.”

“It’s a pretty sad and scary way to start your morning, but today co-host Mika Brzezinski went too far, and used this pretty disgusting slur,” he said, before playing the clip and showing her tweeted apology for calling Pompeo “a wannabe dictator’s butt-boy.”

“Yeah Mika, pretty bad choice of words,” he said.

“But we’re consistent on this program,” he added. “We don’t call for boycotts, we don’t call for firings of any kind.” He mentioned the previous fallout faced by Joy Reid over similar comments in the past.

Hannity blamed “Trump Derangement Syndrome” for the apparent lapse of judgment on Brzezinski’s part, saying it was “sad” to see it claim “another victim.”

In the full segment with Crowley and Bruce, Hannity again said that he does not call for firings, and went a step further, condemning those who are calling for it.

“Look, let’s be honest. Joe and Mika hate my guts,” said Hannity. “Fine. I don’t hate them, but I just think they’re insane. I mean, it is like a train wreck TV every day, in terms of they try, everyone on that show tries to outdo each other with Trump hate, Tammy.”

“But I’m not the thought police, I’m not the speech police. And something they would never do for a Fox opinion host is day, you know what–stand up when people try to boycott, or stand up when people call for firings,” he said. “I believe she’s probably sincere in her apology.”

“People do want to destroy her career over this,” he said, making his point that doing so is bad trend. “This is a problem we have in all of media. Maybe if you make a lot of mistakes, at some point, that crosses a line. What’s your take?”

Bruce responded, citing her own column from Wednesday about other recent controversies such as the one involving comic Kevin Hart, to argue there’s a double standard. “Ultimately, [Mika Brzezinski] will be given a pass because she’s a liberal,” said Bruce. “Whereas Mr. Murray and Mr. Hart will probably continue to be hounded. That’s the difference.”

“Usually, if you’re on the left, you do get a pass,” she said.

Monica Crowley addressed the double standard as well. The conversation in some respects echoed comments made by CNN’s Brooke Baldwin in May of this year after TBS host Samantha Bee attacked Ivanka Trump. Baldwin, in turn, addressed some of the same points that Megyn Kelly made about Bee’s comments. Kelly herself was fired from her NBC show this year after fallout over her own comments on the network, which Hannity mentioned here in this segment. A big circle, but with some interesting similarities if you follow the curve.

They talked in the rest of the segment about the double standard notion, and about attacking Pompeo’s patriotism. Watch the clips above, courtesy of Fox News.

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