House Republicans Furious at Leadership For Caving on Border Wall: ‘Christmas Present’ For Democrats


It appears President Donald Trump‘s dreams of building a big beautiful wall on the southern border are scuttled — for now — on Wednesday, after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced a short-term spending bill that will keep the government into 2019, but denies wall funding.

The announcement signaled a pretty staggering retreat from the president, whose promise to build a wall was central to his campaign and something he insisted Democrats approve $5 billion for in this budget.

Trump’s media defenders haven’t taken it well. The hosts of Fox & Friends were harsh Wednesday in their assessment of Trump’s efforts on the wall, and border security fetishist Ann Coulter predicted Trump will not finish his term over the brouhaha.

House Republicans are equally furious, notably members of the arch-conservative Freedom Caucus.

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) , the chairman of the caucus, called the continuing resolution that would extend government funding “a Valentine’s Day gift” for Democrats. “The time to fight is now,” he pleaded.

“Let me get this straight… our chances of getting the Wall will be better in February when Nancy Pelosi is Speaker than now when we have the majority?” asked Rep. Jim Jordan. “Give me a break.”

Other lawmakers joined in the chorus of boos:

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