Scarborough: Congressional GOP ‘Have to Be Furious’ With Trump’s Shifting Wall Position


Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough may no longer call himself a member of the Republican party, but he can claim to be a former Republican Congressman. So while his typical anti-Trump harangues aren’t terribly newsworthy, his insights into the Capitol Hill sausage factory drama such as the ongoing border security/border wall negotiations come with experience that no other cable news anchors can offer.

While only two weeks are left in the three weeks for Congress and the White House to agree on a border security bill to avoid another government shutdown, President Donald Trump has begun to signal a different position.

On Twitter, during a White House press spray and during an Oval Office interview with NY Times reporters, the commander in chief has suggested that he has low expectations for a congressional compromise to deliver the wall funding he has insisted he needs, and instead appears to be moving towards declaring a national emergency to unlock funding to build the wall regardless of where Congress ends up.

After Willie Geist reported that some Republicans on Capitol Hill yesterday that he spoke with on Thursday, who “are furious” that the president has taken a nonnegotiable line.

“He goes back and forth!” offered Scarborough,  “If you are a Republican on Capitol Hill, you have to be furious.”

“He said maybe it’s a wall, maybe it’s slats…now it’s a wall. Maybe who likes a wall rhymes with fall. Again, the group of people who end up losing, in the end, are the Republicans.”

Watch above via MSNBC.


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