Joe Scarborough: ‘Donald Trump and Everybody Around Him Lied About Their Support of Russia’

Joe Scarborough reminded Morning Joe viewers that regardless of whatever comes out from an eventually released — and possibly White House redacted — Mueller Report, President Donald Trump’s candor about his relationship with Russia will likely play a big role in the 2020 general election.

The four-page summary letter that Attorney General William Barr sent to Congress stated that in the esteem of he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, that the Trump campaign did not conspire with Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 general election, and that Special Counsel Robert Mueller effectively punted on charges of obstruction of justice, though they noted that the Office of Special Counsel did not exonerate the president either.

In Scarborough’s opinion, however, this will matter little to voters in swing states such as Michigan and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Ohio and Florida.

Scarborough asked if this critical voting block “is going to want a president who publicly welcomed the support of an enemy, one with whom he had hidden financial ties, and then that enemy worked to help him get elected during the 2016 campaign, and then Donald Trump rewarded our enemy with a defense of their attacks on our democracy, by saying that he trusted an ex-KGB agent more than he trusts the FBI director or his own homeland security secretary, and then he rewarded them with policy benefits no American president had ever offered before.”

“This is not about the Mueller report,” Scarborough resolved, adding “this is just about what we know to be true and when people are running around a TV saying, he was vindicated, there was nothing there, forget the fact that Donald Trump and everybody around him lied about their support of Russia, their connections with Russia, I’m just saying we’re taking it from the legal now just straight to the political.”

While Trump and his base of supporters are taking a victory lap of what they fairly see as a rather enormous political victory from the past weekend, Trump’s unique comments and relationship with Vladimir Putin is sure to be an issue in the 2020 election.

Watch above via MSNBC.


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