John Oliver Explains What Manafort’s ‘Crippling Addiction to Bad Jackets’ Has to do With Trump’s 2016 Campaign


John Oliver was back on Sunday night with fresh developments in the saga he’s dubbed “Stupid Watergate,” tackling Paul Manafort‘s ongoing — and ostrich-filled — trial.

The Last Week Tonight host first delved into President Donald Trump‘s weekend tweet defending his “wonderful son” Donald Trump Jr., the subject of scrutiny given his conflicting statements on the Trump Tower meeting with Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton.

“There is so much wrong there,” Oliver said, “but perhaps the most galling lie in there is describing Donald Jr. as a wonderful son.”

Next up, Oliver took on Manafort’s trial, where the former Trump campaign chair is being charged with 32 counts (“A mobster’s dozen,” Oliver said) of tax, financial, and bank fraud charges.

The “tantalizing details” of the trial, Oliver continued, were the specifics of Manafort’s spending: $45,000 on landscaping his Hamptons house (including an M-shaped red flower bed), and, most importantly, the $1.4 million Manafort dropped on clothes in four years.

Putting jokes aside, Oliver looked at an argument Trump’s defenders on Fox News have been pushing hard since the start of the trial: that the case against Manafort has nothing to do with the Trump campaign.

“That’s true… on its surface,” Oliver said. “But this case is also not exactly not about the 2016 campaign either.”

He continued:

“Think about it: the president’s campaign manager allegedly received millions of dollars in illicit payments from thuggish Kremlin puppets and despite all the money he saved by not paying taxes, has reportedly gone broke supporting his crippling addiction to bad jackets. Yet, for some reason, he agreed to work for Trump for free.”

Why would Manafort do that? “No one can say for sure,” Oliver joked.

Watch a clip above, and the full episode on HBO.

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