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Jon Stewart Celebrates End Of DADT (With Jason Jones In Daisy Dukes)

Like many who woke up this morning to the news that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was history, Jon Stewart spent some time celebrating the aftermath of the repeal. Calling the policy “ridiculous,” Stewart turned to Jason Jones for his military analysis, who, regaled in short-shorts and drinking a fancy pink cocktail, tried to make the news exciting but couldn’t find a way to make it seem particularly eventful, other than the poignant coming out moments today has produced.

Stewart considered the policy “ridiculous” because of its outcome– allowing people to face a very high probability of dying in a horrible way, in a way half a globe from home. With that in mind, Stewart checked in on the military via Jones, who greeted him in his “military outfit” and had heard widespread reports that repealing DADT “doesn’t all of the sudden make shower rape legal.” In fact, rape in all its forms still appeared illegal! Jones’ very gay military dance party in “Afghanistan” broke down, however, when he claimed the other soldiers were at Trader Joe’s buying clementines. As it turns out, nothing had changed in the “base” he was at. That said, the change in policy was something “we can all share”– a comment that triggered the hit gay anthem “Believe” because, well, Cher.

After a bizarre detour into Emmy land after a particularly bad Bill Clinton joke, Stewart ended his segment with the most moving video of the day– that of a soldier calling his father today to come out as gay, highlighting the one area where the repeal had the most impact.

The segment via Comedy Central below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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