Julia Ioffe on WikiLeaks Messages to Trump Jr.: Suggestion to Reject Election Results Is ‘Jaw-Dropping’

The Atlantic‘s Julia Ioffe spoke with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tonight for a discussion about her groundbreaking report on Donald Trump Jr. secretly correspondence with WikiLeaks during and after the 2016 election.

Ioffe’s report has the details on how Trump Jr. told his father’s campaign officials that he traded direct messages with Wikileaks, and the organization responded to the Trump scion by feeding him political advice and various requests. In response to the report, Trump Jr. has since released his exchanges with WikiLeaks’ Twitter account.

As Ioffe went over Trump Jr.’s tweets, she noted how between his Twitter activity and that of his father, it seems that the two were acting in part based on WikiLeaks’ correspondence. Ioffe said WikiLeaks doesn’t seem as impartial as they claim to be when they were feeding Trump Jr. anti-Hillary Clinton stories while asking if his father could pressure Australia into appointing Julian Assange as their new ambassador to America.

However, Ioffe and Hayes agreed that the most shocking part of her report was that WikiLeaks told Trump Jr. on Election Day that his father should challenge the results when conventional wisdom still suggested he was about to lose.

“They’re pushing this extremely harmful, dangerous tactic,” Ioffe said. “We should say, Donald Trump Jr. did not respond to that, but to tell the Republican nominee to not accept the election results is…I mean, that’s jaw-dropping.”

Here’s how Assange reacted to the segment:

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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