Kayleigh McEnany — Who Worked for Trump — Scolds Biden for Weighing in on Chauvin: The President Shouldn’t ‘Inflame Tensions’


Kayleigh McEnany, who used to work as Donald Trump’s press secretary, went off on President Joe Biden for weighing in on the Derek Chauvin trial — insisting that presidents should refrain from inflaming tensions.

“I’m glad that he at least waited until the jury was sequestered. But I think that the country is such a tinderbox right now, especially Minneapolis,” said McEnany on Tuesday’s Outnumbered. “There’s so much hurt, so much pain. And I think it’s the role of the president of the United States to stay back, to not inflame the tensions.”

McEnany was referring to comments Biden made regarding the trial on Tuesday, during which he said he was “praying the verdict is the right verdict,” heavily suggesting he endorsed a guilty verdict.

“I wouldn’t say that unless the jury was sequestered now, and not hearing me say that,” Biden said, and concluded by saying that he’d spoken to George Floyd’s family.

“We just talked a little,” Biden said. “I wanted to know how they were doing, just personally. We talked about personal things.”

Addressing Biden’s comments, McEnany did praise him for calling the Floyd family, reminding viewers that Trump also called them following George Floyd’s fatal arrest.

“I think he should have just reserved comment and said he’s praying for the family as we all are,” she added, clearly forgetting all the times Trump failed to keep his commentary to himself.

Although acquitted by the Senate, Trump was impeached for inciting an insurrection, as many viewed him and his baseless, incessant claims that the presidential election was stolen from him, as the reason for the January 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol.

Trump has also never been known to hold back or bite his tongue in an attempt to ease tensions. In fact, his biggest haters have dubbed him the “Chaos Candidate” while his supporters often praised his rejection of the status quo.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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