Kellyanne Conway Suggests Robert Mueller Team of Lawyers Are Hillary Clinton Partisans


President Donald Trump and his team of White House advisors appear to have very real concerns about Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation into Russian-led interference into the 2016 General Election, the possibility of obstruction of justice and a broader charge of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

It was in this context that Kellyanne Conway appeared on the friendly confines of Fox & Friends this morning where the conversation turned to undermining the credibility and authority and Mueller’s team of lawyers over apparent conflicts of interest.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked Conway how the president planned to defend himself against Mueller’s team, in which five of six lawyers “have given money to the Democratic Party or to President Obama or president Clinton years ago,” adding “it’s upwards of thousands of dollars that they have given.”

Conway seemed delighted — perhaps even prepared — to receive such a question, before making the case that “these significant donations” from people who “clearly wanted the other person to win,” ostensibly referencing Trump’s opponent in last year’s election, Hillary Clinton. “People should know what folks paths and motivations and political motivations are,” Conway added.

And with that we now see how the credibility of Mueller’s team will be under question and can be dismissed as a “witch hunt.’ Some have suggested that Mueller will be fired by Trump within the next few months, and now we know at least one strategy to get to there.

The only terms missing from this salvo were “fake news” and “deep state,” but there will always be another time for Conway to present her point of view on the curvy couch.

Watch the clip above from Fox News.

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